We make soup each week from our harvest, and we will share some of our favourite seasonal recipes here.

Sukumi Wiki (Kenyan dish)

A traditional Keynyan dish, 'to stretch the weeks food out'. A delicious way to enjoy kale. The recipie has no exact measurements, and the ingredients can change slightly according to what is in the garden or fridge.

Kilkarny mash

A delicious way to enjoy potatoes and cabbage.

Dutch Spinach or Chard

A delicious and easy way of cooking a chard dish with a different texture in every bite. Great as a side dish.

Green Bean Salad

A Turkish way of cooking green beans with tomatoes, to eat hot or cold.

Curried Parsnip and Apple soup

A warming spicy soup to enjoy our frost kissed parsnips and stored apples.

Artichoke and Bacon Soup

A delicious and nourishing soup, using available winter vegetables. The bacon may be omitted for a vegetarian version.

Pumpkin and Coconut Soup

This is a quick and slightly exotic way of cooking our 'Sprinter' variety of butternut squash.

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