July in the garden

Added by Kate on 03 August 2010

We are picking strawberries and summer raspberries in punnet loads at the moment. The blackcurrants are just beginning to ripen. Kirsty is busy turning the excess fruit into delicious jams for the Fete in the Park this month. On 6th July, we had some lovely visitors from Hyde Martlet, Harting community garden and a new land share initiative in West Ashling. Everyone brought delicious food for our bring and share lunch, and we exchanged information and inspiration about our various projects. John Robbins popped by for a visit, and was just in time to sample our feast. We harvested half our garlic crop that day, and laid it out to dry on racks in the shed. The soldier beans, which are delicious buttery climbing beans, only to be found passed on from grower to grower, are now in where the garlic came out. Soldier beans can be eaten at every stage, and are a better choice of crop than runner beans for a garden that is only visited weekly as it is not so vital to pick them so regularly. We planted courgettes that had been waiting in pots for some space in the garden, and harvested delicious new potatoes. We harvested half of our garlic crop and it is now drying on racks in the shed. Weeding is still needed to be kept up with, and watering well is vital in this hot weather.

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