Summer support 2014

Added by Kate on 27 October 2014

This summer 2014, our project has unfortunately been mainly unfunded, but we have been able to carry on our 'Learn and Grow' Tuesdays, throughout the summer through the hard work and dedication of our team who have volunteered tirelessly, and the amazing support of our wonderful community. Petworth Community Church, donated us £300.00 to keep going, Martin Dallyns family very kindly donated £400.00 to our project in his memory, Martin and The Badgers pub, having been an amazing support to us when creating our wheelchair access raised beds. The generosity in his memory, reflected the generosity of his life.
Petworth Community Association, also raised over £500.00 for the garden project from the raffle held at the wonderful Petworth Fete in the Park 2014 which is a brilliant annual community event that we always attend.
We can't thank you all enough for keeping us going when so many other projects may have folded.
The need for our garden increased so much especially this year when the cuts affected so many day services and benefits, that at one session we had 27 people including children... We are not a huge garden, but managed to stretch to accomadate everyone.
Thank you so much to our community who helped keep us going!

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