March 2010

Added by Kate on 20 April 2010

We have dug the last green manures{tares} in.
We have been busy starting to scrape the paths to be ready for membrane and then fittleworth stone coverings. Pot washing is definately neccesary now for the spring sowings.
Our potatoes are chitted in egg trays,(they were laid out with the sprouts uppermost, and put in a light place in our shed in order to get a good head start.)
It is time to beg trailer loads of well rotted manure from Dave, our local smallholder. We wheel barrowed it all on to the onion, pea, and potato beds and forked it in,(after a quick weed) and were able to get the white and red onions in and sow our sugarsnap peas.
We dug the rest of the manure into the potato bed, and tidied up the tools and discarded brassicas. We started our spring sowing in the greenhouse of:
Tomato -
Gardeners delight
Sweet Basil
Parsley - plain and curled
Sweetpea - old fashioned mixed.
Calabrese -
Cabbage -
Marnor Frurot
Cauliflower - all year round.
Leek -
Swiss giant
Leaf beet - Rainbow Chard
Calabrese -
Brussel Sprout - Nautic F1
Lettuce -
Sylvesta (butterhead)
Amorina (loose leaf)

Rory and Malcom put up all the donated shelving. Malcom has given us all his shelving from his old shed which is a fantastic help for our storage needs. And our wheelchair access compost toilet has at last been installed!
We have harvested: jerusalem artichokes, curly and ragged kale. Romenesco broccoli, and taken home preserves.

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