A wet November day, 2013.

Added by Kate on 06 November 2013

Theres still plenty to do at Petworth Community Garden even on a wet day. Our activity shed is big enough to hold a small group including wheelchair users. We took the opportunity to have a good sort out of our craft activity box, (recently donated by my daughter, thanks Rose). We also enjoyed planting up our winter hanging baskets with primulas, violas, ivy, cyclamen and primroses, not forgetting the happy 'Tete a Tete' daffodil bulbs that will come through in the spring. We cleaned up tools, sorted the gloves, (where do all the left hand ones go?) tidied the shelves and the small tool shed. We put up a couple of solar lights in the activity shed too to make winter activities a bit easier. We went outside when the sun came out to plant up the childrens planters with primulas and tidy the paths. A late wintering lacewing found our bug box to snuggle into, ready to come out in the spring and gorge itself on aphids. A lovely day, despite the rain.

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