October 2013 gardening news

Added by Kate on 04 November 2013

We have just celebrated Halloween with delicious spicy pumpkin and apple soup from the garden. October has been a wonderful month, with abundant harvests. We have been groaning under the weight of so many delicious apples which we have cooked, juiced and stored. We have been enjoying blackberries and raspberries still, and have been sharing the onions and garlic that we stored earlier. We have been harvesting courgettes, pumpkins and squash, tomatoes, peppers and chillis, kale, cabbages and chard amongst others, and have just lifted our last crop of storing potatoes, a red blight resistant variety called Sarpo Mira which we will keep for our Christmas meal. Although this is a time for harvest, we are still looking ahead to next year already, and have been planting autumn onion sets, and garlic. We have planted out spring cabbages, and winter salads and oriental greens are in the polytunnel. We will plant our broad beans in early November. We have been having a tidy up and are still weeding our beds as its been so warm, but are leaving wild areas for the benefical bugs to overwinter and stems for them to hide in, along with our bug houses and lacewing hotels. The cold weather will be with us all too soon, but we will keep meeting and working in our garden and activity shed.

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