Plot to Plate in March

Added by Kate on 27 March 2013

We have had another wonderfully successful cookery day, taking our curly kale, chard and cabbage to SuJoCos cookery school to be transformed into our delicious lunch. We also took the remainder of our last years raspberries from our freezers and made jam for this years sales.
It was such a delight to pick the greens this morning, and be given fantastic recipies for them by Joanna the chef, when we arrived at the cookery school; Kilkarny mash for the cabbage, Dutch spinach or chard, for the chard, and Sukamu Wiki for the curly kale. (Recipies on this website)
We also were able to use up the last of our frozen raspberries from last year to make a batch for our first sale in April this year at Midhurst Rother Colleges, Sustainability day.
We had a fantastic day, making jam together, then we used the skimmed scum from the jam to make summer pudding! Next Joanna demonstrated the recipies for us, and we shared the delicious food for lunch, along with her very special beetroot and thyme, and onion bread.
Nadine, who at the start said she was a bit fussy about what she liked eating, gave everything a try and loved nearly all of it.
A complete sucess, and a brilliant day.
Thank you Jo, and the 'Local Food Fund' for making it possible.
Please see our photos of the day on this website.

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