January Jobs in the garden

Added by Kate on 06 January 2010

The ground was pretty frosted at the first session of the year, so no work was done on the actual soil, but we launched into a good tidy up, taking any woody and green waste that we couldn't manage in our compost to our local recycling yard and tidying up the rest of the site.
We have sorted out our tool shed, and are planning this years seed order.
We were donated a gas heater to warm the shed which made it all possible. Thanks so much Malcom!
Our donated wood burner (maybe our long term shed warmer if safe enough) was put to work outside, heating the tea water and soup and warming our (grateful) hands.
When conditions allow we will be carrying on with our rescue of the wheelchair access path which needs another surface. We also will use this time to carry on with the raised beds and paths, allowing for more access around the site.
This is also a good time to plan next years vegetable beds and update compost areas and water catchment systems.

We have parsnips and jerusalem artichokes in the ground, but they were a bit inaccessible last week due to the hard frost (and now a heavy snow layer!), however we picked some beautiful savoy cabbages. There are still some sprouts, brocolli and kale to harvest,and winter spinach and Japenese greens are still standing.

The autumn sown broad beans seem to be surviving the weather and the garlic which we planted in late autumn are a little above the ground.
The rest of the beds not occupied with perennial veg and fruit, are sleeping under green manures. We have used winter tares, and field beans mainly this year for our overwintering beds. Phacelia is a favourite as it is quick growing, and if left to flower is an amazing lilac/purple bee attractant, and will self seed very readily but will not stand severe frost, so best for summer/autumn empty beds.

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