About Us

Picking the soft fruitsThe garden was inspired by Garden Organics 'Organic Food for All' (OFfA) scheme. We took on an overgrown double allotment in September 05, and working with only a couple of local lads, began to transform it and start growing veggies. We were thrilled to see that the allotment was full with fruit trees and bushes, and we could enjoy bountiful harvests within a short period of time.

Summer of 2009The group grew quickly and we were supported by many generous locals with donations of seeds, potatoes, a pond, a greenhouse, pots, trays, and tools to help us on our way and we were able to manage like this completely unfunded for the first year or two. We gradually began to receive support and funding from other sources as we grew, and the group and garden has continued to thrive.

Where We Are Now

We aim to be as accessible as possible to all locals, and are at present developing our wheelchair access area. We have a large shed, wheelchair access paths and raised beds, and have recently received funding for our wheelchair access compost toilet.

We have a children's garden area, with stepping stone logs and a woven willow tunnel, to enable parents to bring their children with them during the holidays. We have a thriving wildlife pond and sensory garden area. We have a regular group of 10-15 people, and meet weekly throughout the year.

What We Do

Eating cake in the gardenThe group works with people of all abilities and includes members with learning difficulties, physical difficulties, older people and others with limited means, along with local all-comers. We value all member's skills and abilities, and find that tasks are easily shared in a diverse group according to individuals needs.

We learn to garden organically and sustainably, looking after the soil by mulching, composting, using green manures and growing on raised beds. We encourage wildlife and beneficial insects, our pond is Working in the gardensthriving and we grow insect attractant and companion plants, and feed the birds. We also use natural and biological pest controls and barriers. We are inspired by the Permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and fair shares and work with natural principles, enjoying learning to grow our own food on a small scale, using local and recycled resources to reduce our carbon footprints in easy and accessible ways.

We enjoy socialising with each other over a cup of tea and a slice of home made cake, and share a bowl of homemade seasonal soup from our harvest for lunch. We all take away a share of the harvest each week along with recipe ideas and information.

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